You're here to find a solution to something that is bugging you.

You have parents arrive with their children and you know the kids are not really very patient when it comes to waiting rooms or sales areas.   While you may want to be "child friendly" you grind your teeth when they are stressing everyone out.

  • ​Credit Unions and Banks

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Restaurants

  • Government Agencies

  • ​Dentist and Doctors Offices

  • ​Clinics & Hospitals

  • Retail Stores

Know These Simple Truths and you will recognize our genius.

What We Do

Waiting Room Toys Done Right

Can You Afford To Be Careless?

Get Smart​

  • ​​We know making parents proud of their children brings about a very positive reflection of you and your business.
  • We know most "child-friendly" solutions create more problems and issues than they solve.
  • Successfully addressing your business goals when children are present is more important than being "child friendly."
  • You have liability issues when creating kids play spaces and presenting toys for children.

Our Customers

  • lowers anxiety
  • promotes sedate quiet behavior

  • reduces liability risks

  • gives parents a sense of pride

  • increases your perceived care for families

  • Do the toys you have create conflict or animated behavior?  

  • Can they be used to hurt other children?

  • Do you manage infectious disease?

"Our program is not about how you make kids feel, it's about how you make adults feel about their kids."

​Our program addresses your needs by helping you promote an environment that:

  • ​Is what you are doing safe?  

  • Are any of the toys you have on product recalls?

  • Do they fail the choke tube test?  

  • When were they last inspected and cleaned?​

waiting room toy service