Strange But True

Unless you are a pediatric business or play space, your business would run much better if parents didn't bring along their kids.  Kids mess up waiting rooms and sales processes.  That's pretty simple logic, right?  So why is it hard then for you to understand you need to get kids to behave in a way that helps you achieve your business goals.


Your Toy Bin is a Reflection On You.

Do you feel good about that toy bin?  We find garbage in almost every one.  How many of those toys fail the choke tube test?  Are toys missing parts and pieces? Are batteries dead?  Are the toys ever cleaned? 

The Fishbowl is not the we aren't talking about your fish tank.

Designers love to create kids play areas or rooms inside of businesses.  This is especially popular with auto dealers. So let's tick off a few of the reasons why you don't want to have one in your business.

  • Putting your child in an unsupervised room/area INCREASES anxiety of parents, distracts them from your business and ultimately prompts them to leave more quickly than you would like.
  • Children of different sizes, different aggressive tendencies and without supervision can provide for disastrous results.
  • The TV is NOT the Solution - What you might not think is offensive someone else may and really, you haven't paid the licensing fees to show those movies anyway.
  • Play Areas are havens for Infectious Disease.  
  • Isn't your space valuable?  Why are you wasting space on a room that is not doing you any good?

Expensive Toys Wear Out Too

Whether it's a $20 toy or a $2,000 toy, after a couple of months it's going to look dirty, worn and might also be broken. 

Why "child-friendly" can ruin business!

Get Smart

  • We mean "Family Smart!"  This is about doing more than welcoming families into your business, this is about managing children in your business for the best possible outcome.  
  • Think of reducing "perceived wait time" or getting through a long sales process without children adding to the stress and anxiety.
  • Think too of your liability issues.  Toy inspections, areas and toys that promote agressive behavior and infectious disease are all threats to your business.

Woodcreek Healthcare uses the WideWaddles in their clinics.

Waiting Room Toys Done Right

Please Your Customers

Smart businesses do not make customers wait, but why expect children to be patient with you?  

So does that mean you are in the business of pleasing children? Definitely not unless you are a toy store or play pen.  No, you are in the business of pleasing their parents and therein lies the secret.

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