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EQUIPMENT OWNERSHIP - All maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of Good Clean Fun LLC (GCF) the sole owner of the Toy Station and its contents (hereafter referred to as “equipment”). At no time should the customer or anyone else attempt to repair or remove the equipment. This equipment is the sole property of Good Clean Fun LLC. If for any reason the equipment is willfully destroyed or stolen any such damage or loss, above and beyond occasional damage or loss of individual Toys will be the sole responsibility of the customer. If the equipment is otherwise damaged, broken or goes missing during the course of its normal use, NO CHARGE shall be incurred. This equipment cannot be held by Landlords for failure to pay rent or by bankruptcy trustee in the event customer files bankruptcy.

AGREEMENT - The customer agrees that while using GCF equipment that all toys, games or other items intended for used by customer, its employees and its customers will be provided by Good Clean Fun, LLC. In the event you wish to terminate GCF service, simply notify GCF to receive a Return Authorization (RA). Your service fees will be prorated to the return shipment date (the date GCF equipment is shipped by customer at customer expense). Any products or services rendered up to that time remains the responsibility of the customer, GCF reserves the right to charge an additional fee for equipment if the customer has put the equipment to use outside the scope of this agreement, has no proof of return shipment upon cancellation or has packaged the equipment in a fashion detrimental to its further usage.

BRANDING & MARKETING - Neither party shall use the other party’s name or logo without the express, written permission of such other party. Each party hereby gives permission to the other party to use their company logo and pictures of the GCF Toy Station in the partner section of their websites and marketing materials. GCF does promote customers for using GCF services.

SERVICE – Inspection, Cleaning & Replacement of Toy Inventory is often by shipment in which a call tag is provided at no charge. All toys must be returned to Good Clean Fun regardless of fees and payments; no transfer of ownership of the Stand or Toys is implied or given. Prices are subject to change. No terms or charges may be altered on this agreement without the written consent of the General Manager of GCF. 

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