Waiting Room Toys Done Right

BECU is the 4th largest CU in the USA and has used our service for nearly 10 years.

If you think the goal is to be "child-friendly"  you're wrong.

Businesses wanted to let parents know it was okay to bring along their children. The fact is, most businesses would prefer NOT TO HAVE children in their environment because it is often detrimental to the sales process or raises anxiety and lowers throughput in waiting and service environments.

Now it's time to get "family-smart."

If children are going to be brought to your business, have a strategy to accomplish your goals. This is where Something For Kids excels. A toy bin or playroom can ruin your process, not help it. We understand and cater to your desire to meet sales and waiting time objectives.

Understanding the Parent / Customer Conflict will help you conduct business.

Do you want the parent to be your customer or to parent their child or do both at the same time?   That is the conflict.  Now if the child is behaving, it's simple, but you lose when the child is creating stress. As a parent on a shopping experience or in a waiting room it became painfully clear to us that toys in businesses could be done so much better. Understanding what to do and how to go about it was a little more complicated. We identified 4 types of approaches businesses have taken to appease/control children to better the businesses environment or increase the chance of making a sale when children were present. Some people bring in used toys from home, some buy them, some spend a lot of money on expensive structures and play rooms and of course, some businesses do nothing.

Child sized furniture is....not so good.  Huh!  Ya, we're not in favor of you spending money on little furniture.

Here's the deal, kids like sitting in regular furniture and kiddie furniture promotes separating kids from parents which we think is foolish.   If you really want to impact your waiting area, get some padded chairs without arm rests.  This allows a child to sit close to their parent, especially if they are feeling insecure.  No couches.  This is your business, not a cuddle-fest.  

Is a child pushing a toy across your waiting room or your show room a good idea? We think NOT!

A secondary problem was easy enough to identify, too. Plenty of businesses were willing to buy toys for their customers children but very few appeared interested in taking care of them. Beyond the obvious problems we found, the majority of toys we surveyed were excessively worn or broken and worse, they often promoted animated behavior, the very thing you don't want.

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